Yes, all of the animals are real, and no, none were harmed.


Originally from Orange County Ca and based out of San Francisco since 1999, Peter’s career began as a commercial photographer for a vast array of notable clients including AT&T, Toyota and Nissan, among others. Then in 2007, a tipping point occurred when he got a dog, a doxie / min pin mix, he named Leica (after the camera). The dog soon became his muse and a new photo graphic passion began to emerge as he then began photographing more animals, not just dogs, but cats, horses and before he knew it, even farm animals were becoming suspicious around him.. While his time with Leica was sadly cut short, she lovingly inspired a new animal focused direction in his career that would eventually over shadow the rest of his work - good dog!

Peter’s foray into fine art has been one of serendipity: His animal photographs were discovered by an upscale interior gallery in San Francisco, from there Restoration Hardware included some of his equestrian photographs as fine art in their catalog. Those images quickly sold out and put his name on the map of horse and animal artwork collectors throughout the world. 

Peter's animal photographs continue to gather awards including a Best of Show from the American Photographic Artists (APA), 2010 and 2013 and in 2014, the Menlo Charity Horse Show awarded him ‘Artist of the year’ (the first time they gave that honor to a photographer). And most recently, his work has also been selected to appear in one of graphic industry's the most prestigious award journals - the Communication Arts Photography Annual, 2016, 2017 & 2018. 

While his artwork continues to gain notoriety, as does his animal focused commercial work for clients such as Nature’s Recipe and the SPCA, among others. 

Peter’s commercial work is at