Chumlee the Galapagos Tortoise

This fine soul is Chumlee the Galapagos Tortoise, and while just a pup at 22 months, this 13 pounder can grow to 900 lbs(!) and live to terrorize innocent leafy green veggies for over 100 years! He isn’t a exactly racer, however, he’s inadvertently won a few (maybe famous) races with his super hero power - a buddha like sense of presence, mixed with an inspiringly calm desire to take his next step - usually towards leafy green veggies. Chumlee’s not quite yet a US citizen, he’s a dreamer (DACA) and while he manages to hide from all the ICE raids going on, he’s happily hanging with his loving keepers in the SF Bay Area. His is pampered life includes back rubs while bathing, playing in the yard, and sleeping inside with the family to avert deportation.

Larger size prints may be available. More about prints and framing here.

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